The metaphor I chose to portray through the use of a digital story is that of a gardener and a teacher.  In this metaphor, the teacher is like a gardener who helps their students grow just as a gardener helps their flowers grow from tiny seeds in to beautifully full grown flowers.  Hope you enjoy:).


2 thoughts on “DIGITAL STORY

  1. I do not know if this is just from my computer or account, but I am unable to view your video. I wasn’t able to view Timmi’s either. I followed the link to your video on YouTube, but I still couldn’t see it. I do like your metaphor though. Having teachers be the gardeners and the students be the seeds it great because teachers need to pay attention to each seed individually in order for all of them to be successful. Great metaphor!


    1. Hmm…thanks for letting me know! I went back through and looked at it, and I believe it should be working now!! Let me know if you still can’t see it!! I really felt like this was a metaphor that explained the job of a teacher well. I’m glad you agree!


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