Cake Mints Pic3When I was younger, I can remember attending the weddings of my aunts and uncles, close family, and friends, and eating those cute little cream cheese mints that were meant to accompany the cake until I was morbidly sick to my stomach.  It was as if for every mint I ate, my taste buds demanded five more.  You could say that I liked them quite a bit.

Even though they are not directly cake or cookies themselves, I thought that this would be an appropriate ILP topic since they are a yummy treat that is very often served alongside cakes at weddings and other fancy parties.  It had been quite a while since the last time I had these sweet treats, so I was anxious and excited to get started this week!!

The idea for making this my ILP learning project this week came from a video of these mints that I saw on Facebook.  While this gave me the ingredients that I would need, it did not give any of the exact amounts, so I needed to do a little bit of ‘guestimating’ along the way.  This actually turned out to be one of the most helpful parts of this experience, as it forced me to analyze what I had in front of me, make adjustments, and then learn as I went along.

The first step in making these cream cheese mints was to gather all of the ingredients and supplies that I would be needing.  These included one package of cream cheese, two tablespoons of butter, powdered sugar, mint extract, food coloring, four medium sized mixing bowls, one large mixing bowl, four mixing spoons, and some foil.

Once I had everything assembled, I began by mixing the softened cream cheese and butter in the large mixing bowl. Once they were blended, I added the mint extract and the first portion of powered sugar.  As I was mixing, I noticed that the texture was nowhere near what it needed to be yet.  I continued adding powdered sugar and mixing it in until I was left with a more stiff and pasty mixture.


Once I had the consistency that I wanted, I divided the mixture into four separate bowls and added three drops of food coloring into each one.  Then, using a spoon, I rolled the mixture into small balls and coated the outsides with powdered sugar before placing them on the foil to sit.  When all of the mints were rolled into balls, I then went through with a fork and pressed into the tops of each mint to flatten them and create a simple design.  Even though these mints can be made into fancier shapes using molds, I think these simple ones turned out just as well! They were definitely just as tasty!



11 thoughts on “ILP: CREAM CHEESE [CAKE] MINTS

  1. I wont lie I was excited to read this blog because of the title 😀 I think it’s so fun that you chose baking to do for you ILP. I wish that I had social media so that I could have seen the video, I like watching short clips about cooking. These are great treats for wedding and parties and they seem fairly easy to make! Great job.


    1. Thanks for taking time to read both of my blogs, Molly! These sweet treats were fairly simple to make and they tasted wonderful. My fridge is still full of them! Social media has definitely been a strong resource for ideas to use throughout this learning project and I am excited to continue throughout the next few weeks!


  2. I always love catching up with your ILP because your creations always look so good. I wish this was a face to face class so you could bring us some of your treats! I am glad that you are learning a lot from your ILP and cannot wait to see what else you come up with!


  3. Ashlyn, reading your blog this week reminded me of when I made these exact same mints when I graduated high school in 2007 and then again for my wedding in 2009. While it is a simple recipe, making a large quantity can be tedious and towards the end of making the whole batch I always tossed the mint molds aside and do what you did. I also loved to experiment with the amount of mint extract, as I always had more than what the recipe called for.


    1. How fun! Looking back, I wish that I would have had these at my high school graduation! The recipe was quite simple, but the actual formation of the mints was fairly tedious for sure! How much mint extract did you use? I had to guess since the video I used did not provide measurements, but mine seemed to turn out alright.

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      1. I never actually measured the mint, I did it all off of what I thought tasted the best. I know I probably added way more than the recipe called for, but they were delicious.

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  4. THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE! I had my grandma make them for my graduation party even and of course just like you said I ate them until I was sick. I think besides the fact I get so mouth watered over your ILP I also love how you give us directions or tell us your progress. I allows us to be apart of your learning project as well as give us feedback on how it turned out! Keep making more yummy treats and hopefully someday we can have them sent to us virtually! 🙂


  5. Thanks so much for reading, Bailey! I’m glad that a few classmates share my love for these delicious creations!:) I hope that sharing my experiences in detail will allow others to learn without having to actually go through the entire process. If you discover how to send food virtually, let me know! My fridge is full of mints that I would love to share!


  6. Ashlyn,
    I truly love reading your ILP’s, I feel that because I want to be a better baker I live vicariously through you :). I love that you had to do some guesswork in this, I feel as if this really helps you grow. I also love all the different colors that you did for the mints. They look absolutely amazing!


  7. Thanks so much, Hillary! I Since I can’t share with all of my online classmates physically, I try to make the experience as real as possible:). I’m excited to share some more these last few weeks!


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