Bday Cake Keri Pic

This last Tuesday, my roommate turned 22!  For her birthday, I decided that I would try my hand at creating a cake.  While I have baked several plain old cakes throughout my lifetime, this one was going to be different.  My plan was to create a two-tiered white cake with a middle layer of frosting, white frosting all around the outside, and then drizzled melted butterscotch down the sides.  My inspiration came from the video at the bottom of the page.

As it turns out, making a cake that looks as beautiful and flawless as that one is not as simple as the girl in the video makes it look.  Nevertheless, I am fairly happy with this first attempt at a “fancy” cake.

I began by mixing up the cake batter and then poured it into two 8″ circular cake pans.  Then, they were sent into the oven to bake until they were a perfect golden brown on the top.  Once the cakes were ready, I took them out and placed them on hot pads on the counter to cool.  This process seemed like it took forever as I was anxious to get going with my frosting!  Finally, the cakes had cooled and it was time to remove them from their pans.  Here, I had my first moment of temporary struggle with this baking project.  Even though the pans were coated with non-stick spray, the cakes were stubborn to come out.  After a little bit of wiggling, both round cakes were out with most of their pieces.  My next step was to frost the top of the bottom layer and place the other on top.  This went fairly smoothly.  After both layers were secured, I coated the top and all sides of the cake with the remaining frosting.  To do this, I used a regular butter knife (although I have been looking into getting a more cake specific tool to help me with this task).

Up until this point, things were going just about as well as I had expected. Instead of the chocolate drizzle shown in the video, I decided to attempt using melted butterscotch chips.  Since I did not have a squeeze bottle like the one used in the video, I figured the easiest way to do this would be to put it in a bag and pipe it through a small round tip.  When I went to begin drizzling the butterscotch around the edges of the cake, the butterscotch began to harden and did not go on the way I had hoped.  At this point, I decided to forego the drizzle entirely and instead, piped with a small star shaped tip all the way around the top.

Bday Cake Top Pic

Bday Cake Side Pic

To add the final touches to the cake, I used the remaining butterscotch to write the words “Happy Birthday” on the top and placed halved mini Reese’s cups along the bottom as well as some chocolate chip cookie dough rolled into balls.  Even though this first cake did not turn out exactly as planned, it was delicious and made for a wonderful birthday celebration for my roommate and our friends!


18 thoughts on “ILP: BIRTHDAY CAKE

  1. Ashlyn,
    I love the direction you took this week. I love that I feel like it is a bigger bake project then you have taken on before, and I loved that it was for your roommate. I think that using your ILP to give to others is such a fun experience. I think that your cake looks like it turned out excellent! Even though it’s not an exact replica of that in the video, I think you did wonderful. You also have to think that since this girl is doing a tutorial I’m sure she’s had plenty of practice making this particular cake. I loved your ILP this week!

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    1. Thank you so much, Hillary! I really do feel like I learned quite a bit, about both cake making and myself, by taking on this larger project. I definitely do not have as much experience as the girl in the tutorial, but had a bunch of fun with my ILP this week. Thanks for reading!!

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  2. It may not be as flawless, but it sure looks delicious! My children have recently become enamored with video bloggers who make a new cake each week and vlog the whole process. They’d sit on Youtube all day, if possible, watching every last detailed step. They make it look SO simple. We found out, recently, that one of the vloggers takes two WHOLE DAYS to make just one of her little cakes between the mixing, baking, cooling, shaving, shaping, freezing, re-shaping, freezing again, making frosting, adding/printing decor, etc. Knowing how much time went into each step really helped me see the big picture and realize I simply cannot do that for each of my kiddo’s birthdays — not easily, anyway. I have another one coming up this Sunday and I’m guessing it’ll just be a pretty normal/average cake. He cannot tolerate food dyes, either, so I already have to be very careful with any colors. Your cake photos have my mouth watering! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I can definitely relate! I often find myself spending way more time watching cake decorating videos in my research than I plan to, simply because they are so mesmerizing! Knowing how much time professional bakers can spend on a cake like this makes me feel a little bit better about the results of my 3-4 hour project. Best of luck with your upcoming birthday cake endeavors!


  3. Removing anything from a pan gives me anxiety!! It seems that no matter how much Pam I put on gravity still decides to mess with me! I love that you tried something that was your original idea like the cookie dough rolls and halved Reece’s cups! I liked watching the video to see where your idea came from. Way to go girl!


    1. Gravity seems to win more often than not; that’s for sure! After seeing the way she used other cookies and candy to decorate her cake, I thought it would be fun to try to replicate it. Thanks for reading!!


  4. Oh my gosh Ashlyn you’ve done it again! You never fail to let me down. Who cares if the cake didn’t turn out as perfect as hers… it still looks super yummy! Currently wishing I lived with you so I could try all of your treats. I really liked how you shared her video too that way we were able to compare and see where your ideas came from. Do you have an plans on what your next master piece is going to be? I think that father we get into the semester the more I wish my ILP was on baking! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing with us (pictures) of your treats! 🙂


    1. I think for this next week, I will try to make some cream cheese mints that you see typically served with cakes at weddings and birthday parties! Even though they aren’t technically cake or cupcakes, I figured they would fit in! I plan to do some research on different recipes as well as methods for shaping them! I definitely do not regret making baking my ILP for this semester. It has been both educational and yummy!:)


  5. It looked like a pretty good success story to me! Way to get a bit out of your comfort zone to try something new, and not as easy! I can’t even bake pre-made cookie dough properly… It looks like your roommate enjoyed it! And I think the cookie dough looked better than what was in the video (personal opinion I suppose!)


    1. Thanks so much, Courtney! My replica definitely didn’t look exactly like the one from the video, but I think that is part of what makes all of this learning so fun! Each project turns out a little bit differently and that is okay! Thanks for reading!


  6. That cake looks great! I feel like it is always hard to match something that you are making to the picture or video where you found it. Even if the cake didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted, it still looks delicious and great! I can’t wait to see what other things you decide to try in the future.


  7. Thanks so much, Kelsea! Not every project turns out perfectly or exactly how we imagined but it’s all part of the learning process! I’m excited to share my future creations! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  8. Even though it didn’t go as planned, your cake looks DELICIOUS! My mouth was seriously watering just reading about it. Baking is such a cool ILP idea, and I’m glad it’s going so well for you! Can’t wait to see your future creations! 🙂


  9. Ashlyn,
    I like reading you blogs. This one made me giggle a little out loud making Tricia give me a weird look. But I can definitely agree with the struggle of getting the cake out of the cake pan in a whole piece. I tried to make an angle food cake like my grandma used to, but I ended up ripping it out in pieces.
    Great Post!

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  10. If you were curious my birthday is August 22, and by then you should have had lots of practice making yummy cakes. I love that you are trying so many different kinds of baking. Like I probably would still be stuck making cookies. Anyways, looks so good like always!


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