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When I read that one of our blogs this week was to be about the results we found when searching our names on Google, I was excited.  The idea of Googling myself was intriguing!  While some of the things that I found were no surprise at all, I did find a few old links that I had completely forgotten about.

The first search I entered was ‘Ashlyn Hanson’ and the top results that came up were my roster profiles for both the volleyball and track teams here at Chadron State.  These were quickly followed by my Facebook and Twitter pages.  The majority of search results that I found in addition to these were all related to my sporting events throughout both high school and college.  TFRRS (the track and field results reporting system for college), Hudl, and MaxPreps profiles as well as an abundance of online newspaper articles about specific events and track videos posted to YouTube by my coach were all right there.  I discovered that if I searched my name followed by either ‘Chadron’ or my hometown of ‘Seward’, there were even more sports results that came up.

Non sports related results that came up included class assignments that I had created online using Prezi, Google+, YouTube, etc. and a couple articles from CSC about various academic lists.  Non of the findings listed above were surprising, but I did stumble across a couple old links to things from way back in middle school and high school.  There was a news announcement for the Miss Independence competition that I won as a 5th grader, and even an essay that had been published online written in my sophomore speech class.  It is crazy to think about how long some things can live on the internet!  What we put out there truly is permanent.

When I searched for my name in quotation marks, the results that came up were not much different at all.  I didn’t dig too far back into the results, but throughout at least the first two pages, there were no large differences.  Searching for myself using my first, middle, and last names changed my results drastically.  When I did it this way, there were hardly any links that I recognized.  Most of them appeared to be about a different Ashlyn Elizabeth Hanson or were about something else completely.

The images that came up with my name and were related to me were taken mostly at sporting events.  There were also a few of my parents and grandparents, but not too many.

A potential employer might find any of these things listed above when searching for me.  Since the vast majority of them simply show that I am a student athlete at Chadron State College, there is nothing to my knowledge that could hurt my chances of obtaining a job.  I enjoyed having this time to take a thorough look at my online identity.  It is something that can truly make or break you and is an important thing to keep in mind.



  1. Ashlyn,
    I feel like as an athlete you know exactly what is going to pop up when you search your name. It is always results, new articles, or something similar. I agree completely that it is always fun just to see what will pop up…just hopefully no bad surprises.


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