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As we approach the halfway mark of this semester, it is important to take time to step back and reflect on this course so far.  If I’m being completely honest, I expected this course to be fairly difficult.  I have some basic technology knowledge, but knowing that this course would probably require my extensive use of technology, you could say I was a little bit nervous.  After reading the course syllabus and looking over the first week’s module, I expected the course work to take quite a bit of time to complete each week.  It turns out that I was right in this aspect.  The work required in this class has definitely taken some substantial time.  I have used the full 9 hours designated and then some when you add up all the time spent reading, viewing, blogging, ILP learning, tweeting, and commenting.  While it has been challenging at times, I have already learned so much and the class is only half over!

Something that I didn’t anticipate going into this course was the sense of community that has been established through the class conversations that take place on Twitter via the diglitclass hashtag as well as the personal interaction among blog posts and comments back and forth.  I definitely wasn’t expecting to feel like part of such a group in an online class that never meets face-to-face, so that has been nice!

Looking back, I feel like I have learned something useful from each module.  My favorite so far has been the module titled “Hacking Your Education”.  I loved watching the TED Talk given by the young boy and hearing his perspective on “Hackschooling”.  This truly made me stop and think about the way that we educate our students.  I feel like looking at all of the information we are given in a critical way and thinking about it at a high level so that we can determine how we might make changes for the better in the future is one of the most important parts of our college education.

One of the most challenging things about this course has been building my PLN.  Not because it was an extremely difficult task, but simply because there were so many amazing educators and professionals to choose from.  I found that some of the educators that I thought would be great to follow did not provide consistently helpful information and there were also some educators that I didn’t follow at first and should have. Creating my PLN was much more time consuming that I thought it would be.  Once I had my initial list of 100 accounts to follow, I found that it has been much easier to determine useful resources and my network continues to grow.

Throughout the remainder of this course, I want to continue making strides with my ILP.  I have really enjoyed the fact that part of my “homework” for this class doesn’t really feel like homework at all.  I would also like to learn more about ways that I can use technology in the classroom so that it fits seamlessly as a part of the instruction and doesn’t seem like a hassle or distraction.  It has been a successful first 8 weeks and I am excited to continue on this journey to digital literacy!



  1. If you are already experiencing a sense of community in the digital world, then you’re doing it right. 🙂 It can be very time-consuming (especially in the first 8 weeks of set-up), but having a PLN is so important for future support and encouragement in this field. I’m glad you’re already experiencing these benefits. Have a great second 8 weeks!

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