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This week, my ILP time has been dedicated to researching and learning various frosting techniques and designs that can be created using a simple set of piping tips.  One of the resources I have used the most to guide me throughout this learning process has been the Serious Eats webpage.  Lauren Weisenthal’s column “Sweet Technique: Piping 101” provides some wonderful information for anyone who is currently at the beginning level in the world of pastry decorating and wanting to learn more!  Weisenthal uses Swiss Buttercream frosting which I have not had the chance to experiment with yet, but would certainly like to at some point.  From my experience so far, canned frosting (even though it may not be as fancy) works just fine and is both cheap and convenient.  There is a great photo gallery that accompanies this post showing images of the tools necessary for piping, how to assemble a bag, and visual examples of different piping designs you can create using these basic tips. Below are some of my attempts at these designs.


Other digital sources I have looked to for information and inspiration include The Cake Blog, Beyond Frosting, My Cake School, and of course social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

The hands-on baking project that I have chosen to do for this week of my ILP is frosted football brownies, since the Superbowl is played this Sunday.  I began by baking one batch of chocolate fudge brownies. After letting them cool, I cut the brownies into rough football shapes using just a steak knife.  Then, I cut a small hole in the corner of one of my disposable piping bags and placed the open star tip inside it.  Next, I filled the bag full of brown chocolate frosting and began piping in a very close rounded zig-zag pattern across the length of each little football.  Once the “leather” of the football was completed, it was on to the “laces”.  For these, I had two options.  I could either fill a separate piping bag with plain white frosting and use a small round tip to frost, or I could use a prepackaged cake decorating squeeze bottle full of sparkly white frosting.  For the sake of time and convenience, I chose to go with the prepackaged frosting.

Just as the Patriots and the Falcons have tried to do today, I have done my best to “tackle” the art of piping frosting this week.  My designs are nowhere near perfect, but I already feel like I have learned so much and with some more practice, they will continue to improve.  I’m excited to keep learning!!

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14 thoughts on “ILP: TACKLING PIPING

  1. I think that these look absolutely darling! I’m very jealous of your ILP because it looks so delicious. I know how hard simple piping is and I’ve only done simple cakes with short names on them. I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself and continue to throughout the semester!


    1. Thank you!! I have also found that piping is a lot harder than it looks. Even when I am able to create one design that looks decent, it can be difficult to duplicate this figure more than once. Thanks for taking time to read my blog!


    1. Thanks, Madison! I’m glad that I can add a little bit of “fun” to your weekly feed :)! I thought the footballs were appropriate this week, and being able to combine baking with watching the Superbowl on Sunday was very enjoyable! I have actually been watching quite a few video tutorials for towered and layered cakes. I would really like to try a few of these out!! I think this may be something I attempt more towards the end of the semester, as I want to make some more progress with my decorating skills before attempting a big piece like this. Stay tuned!

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  2. Ashlyn,
    I absolutely love your football themed brownies. They obviously perfectly fit with the super bowl going on this last weekend. I think/have thought this entire time that your ILP is so great because you get to have fun while you are making your master pieces, but then also get to eat them at the end :). Seeing your sunflower cupcakes last week and the footballs this week makes me want to bake and make cool creations!


    1. Thanks, Hillary! I have really had quite a bit of fun with the whole process so far! Eating the creations at the end of the week is of course my favorite part! I’m so glad that reading my blog inspires you to get in the kitchen yourself! You should most definitely give it a try whenever you have a little free time. It is so worth it!!

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  3. I love that you’re using your baking to mix in with regular life events. These are super cute. Your blog makes my mouth water (which is tough since I’ve taken myself off processed sugars for the time being – OY!).


    1. I have truly enjoyed the learning and creating process so far! I apologize for tempting you with pictures of sugary treats!! I have gone for periods of time without processed sugars as well, so I know just how difficult it can be!


  4. My cooking and baking skills are something I wish I was better at. I have tried piping once…NOT GOOD! My children hate when I try to make layer cakes for their birthdays.:-/ Do you ever have moments where things just do not go your way? How do you compensate for it or do you just start over?


    1. I can understand your frustrations at times! While my first two projects have both turned out fairly well, not every part of creating them went smoothly. I did however, try to salvage any mistake, as I was working with limited materials and did not have the time or supplies to start over. I also feel like if I allowed myself to start over every time, the perfectionist in me may never finish one! Thanks for reading!

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