Intro to ILP

Photo CC by-Greg Palmer

Normally, I would have tried to have this blog posted much earlier in the week, but I feel like I have delayed my writing for a good reason.  When I first read the assignment description for the Individual Learning Project, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.  At first, I wanted it to be something that would be significant and something that would make me a better teacher and person.  But as I continued to think about what I really wanted to learn, I began to look at all of the other homework I have from my combined other classes and decided that I didn’t want my project to be anything that felt like I was actually doing homework.  I wanted to be able to devote the set number of hours each week to something that would serve as a sort of mid-week stress reliever rather than an all day, every day stressor.  For these reasons, I have chosen to learn anything and everything about decorating cakes and cookies for my semester long Individual Learning Project.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this same experience, but whenever I am on social media and scroll down my feed to one of those seemingly easy cookie or cake decorating videos, I am completely mesmerized.  No matter how long that video is, I have to watch it from start to finish.  To me, there is something so cool about this creative mix of art and food.  Both of these are things that I love and I believe they will make for a great ILP.

Although I am not yet sure of the order, I plan to explore many different areas of the entire cookie and cake decorating spectrum.  This might include various kinds of frosting and icing as well as how to make them, all of the tools and appliances needed in order to make these creations, different kinds of designs and techniques, and of course all of the holiday themed decorations.

Along the way, I plan to document my experiences and share pictures and descriptions of what I am learning.  At the very end of my project, I hope to know enough to be able to share some of my new knowledge in the form of tips and how-to’s with the rest of the class.  While this doesn’t directly relate to my life as a future teacher, I think this will be a fun and useful skill to have for the future and I am extremely excited to get started!!



4 thoughts on “Intro to ILP

  1. Ashlyn,
    I think this is awesome. I am just like you when it comes to seeing food on social media- I have to stop and watch the video because the process is so interesting. Well, I guess the food looks amazing too, obviously! I get very excited when I see people personalize and make unique treats. It shows creativity and imagination. It can be a difficult thing to do also, so it shows skill and experience.

    After watching television shows like Cake Boss I always feel inspired to go make some yummy treats for my people. Although I am not very creative or skilled when it comes to drawing or coloring, it is still a fun process of creating food for yourself or others in a personal way by adding different colors and designs. I think this is a great project to do!


    1. Thanks, Jacob!! I am super excited about this project. I hope that others will enjoy seeing my attempted creations every week as much as I anticipate I’ll enjoy making them! I am also a fan of food network shows (like Cake Boss) and definitely look forward to sharing these treats with friends! 🙂


  2. Ashlyn,
    What a great idea. I hope that you really meant it when you said that you were going to share these treats with your friends. Turns out we are friends, and just happen to be the best cookie eater around these areas. Just in case you need someone to taste your delicious treats. Can’t wait to see what neat things you make and decorate!


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