In our rapidly changing society, it is near impossible to keep up with the latest technology, let alone filter through everything that is available to be used and learn from.  It’s like we are running a race, except every time you get near the finish line, it jumps backwards another mile.  Even when we think we have equipped ourselves with the latest and most recent resources, something new has been created.  Becoming individuals who strive to be literate and fluent in our digital world is crucial as we move forward and into the future.

Before doing a little research, I just assumed that digital literacy and digital fluency were basically the same thing.  As it turns out, digital fluency includes digital literacy, but is actually much more broad.  Literacy deals with our ability to use and create digital platforms, while fluency isn’t achieved until we as individuals reach a much higher level of comfort and ease when deciding which parts of technology to use and when.

Some common elements that I came across in my research pertaining to learning on a digital platform included that it was creative and constructive, it was used to communicate information and/or share resources, and that everything was created in a way that was respectful of both the surrounding cultural and civic conditions.  In addition to these, digital citizenship goes hand-in-hand with digital literacy and learning.

I feel like I have a fairly average level of ability when it comes to my digital literacy and overall technology skills.  I know enough to be able to navigate my way around and have started to begin creating more through various technology class requirements, but I still feel like I have quite a bit to learn.  Throughout this class, I would like to learn new tools that can be used in the classroom setting as a teacher.  This link provides a great number of resources that would be helpful with incorporating digital literacy in the classroom setting. It is difficult to know what will really be useful when I have my own class of students, simply because technology changes and evolves so quickly.  I also feel it is important that I learn ways to teach my students how to be successful and responsible users of the digital world that they live in.

It is important that we constantly chase after new knowledge so that we can stay up to date and provide our students with the most effective and efficient ways to use technology.  If we do not, we will be forever using yesterday’s technology is tomorrow’s world.



  1. Hello!
    First off, love the theme of you blog, very easy to navigate! I agree with you that I first expected literacy and fluency to basically the same thing. I never put in to perspective the different ways that one can be fluent in the digital age. I really appreciate your example as to how the tech world is ever changing and we must continue to adapt and change with it. Is there a specific communication platform that you see yourself incorporating into your future classroom? Do you think incorporating all the different types of tech in classrooms will help better educate students as they have access to more information?


    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m not quite sure if there is one communication platform that I would like to use in my future classroom at this point. There are so many out there!! I did come across an app in one of my classes last semester though called Appletree, and it looked like it would be a form of communication that I would be comfortable using and that my students and parents would be able to access easily. I think that technology definitely has a place in the educational setting, as long as it is promoting a productive learning atmosphere and not distracting from the learning.

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  2. Ashlyn,
    I agree so much that technology is changing so fast and that it can be hard to keep up with! As a future teacher as well, I also definitely agree that it is important that we prepare our students to live in the digital world because they will be faced with it on a daily basis. It will be exciting and maybe a little nerve racking teaching in the 21st century for sure! Great post. 🙂


    1. I will be SO exciting and nerve racking. With the fast pace that technology changes at, we will all be constantly learning new ways to do things using technology and adjusting the way we teach accordingly. Thanks for the comment!


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